Sing, Sing, Sing! | 31 Days:Day 3 | Impress Your Kids

October 3, 2011 | Filed in: 31 Days | by Amanda

This summer my kids went to a preschool VBS while I taught at a Performing Arts Camp. And because I had to listen to the songs for my 3 classes eleventybillion times AND had to stay for the rehearsals, my kids learned all the songs, too. Plus, since it was the “big kids” class, my kids were enthralled by all of it.

Even though Peforming Arts Camp has been done for months, they still ask to listen to the CD. And as they do the dishes, play with puzzles or ride in the car, the words to those songs find their way out of my kids’ hearts and mouths. My favorite song from the musicaland the song that most often pops out of my kids is one written by my friend Yancy (and originally recorded by Avalon) called, I Don’t Want To Go.
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Director of Women's and Children's Ministries at Taft Avenue Community Church in Orange, CA, and trying my best to implement and encourage Family Ministry concepts and approaches in all aspects of what I do.
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  1. Mary Beth says:

    Good job Marcia!

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