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body of christ

Yesterday I talked about the 5 values we chose for Asa’s dedication (and his life!). One of those was about the Body of Christ–loving God’s church. I know I’ve already talked about how important it is to go to church. And how important it is to serve WITH your kids. I want to take one more day to talk about what I feel is an important aspect of loving the Body of Christ: working AT church.

It is my natural bent to be a worker bee. I’m not the prayer warrior, I’m not the greeter/usher/hospitality kinda person. Tell me what needs to be picked up, where the chairs need to be moved and which position needs to be filled and I’m all over it. When I was a children’s pastor, I could walk into any of our rooms and in 2 seconds see if the trashcans were full, the papers were out of place or there weren’t encough volunteers in the room. I am good at keeping things running smoothly.

Now that I’m not on staff at a church, I still gravitate towards those jobs in church. Right now I work as a volunteer in the preschool department. I schedule and am in charge of the storytellers, worship leaders and back-ups for our large group environment. I’m also the storyteller in the 2 year old class.

Yeah, it makes for a long day. I get to church at 8:30 (if we can get ready on time) and don’t leave until 12:30. My kids go to 2 services, which means they hear the lesson twice. And if one of my volunteers doesn’t show up, I usually have to take their place and may miss the adult service that week.

So, why is that worth it to me?
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Director of Women's and Children's Ministries at Taft Avenue Community Church in Orange, CA, and trying my best to implement and encourage Family Ministry concepts and approaches in all aspects of what I do.
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