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unlocked door

Do you leave your doors unlocked? Most of us wouldn’t dream of it. My husband won’t even leave his car doors unlocked because he has our garage door opener on the sun visor. He figures someone could grab it and STILL get into a locked house! We’re super careful to protect our stuff from outside intruders, but do we protect our most prized possessions: our children’s hearts?

Protecting our children from the immorality of the media, the frivolity of the world and the evil of the devil can be a fine line. We don’t want to shelter our kids and live in fear. We sometimes forget that “greater is He who is in me than he that is in the world“! So, how can we protect our kids from being exposed to the sin of the world?

I think it’s pretty easy.

Just take a look around your house.

What movies are sitting next to the Veggie Tales on your media cabinet?

Which artists are next to Seeds Family Worship on your iPod?

Which magazines boast ways to seduce a man, the latest bikini or the newest celebrity hook-up?

Which shows are recorded on your TIVO? Right below Mickey  Mouse Clubhouse?

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About melichte

Director of Women's and Children's Ministries at Taft Avenue Community Church in Orange, CA, and trying my best to implement and encourage Family Ministry concepts and approaches in all aspects of what I do.
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