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October 26, 2011 | Filed in: 31 Days | by Amanda

We all know sugar sweets should be eaten in moderation. My kids love cupcakes, but I don’t serve them for breakfast every day. The same is true for media. So much of what the world produces (tv, music, magazines, books, etc.) is just empty sugar at best. At worst, it’s opposed to our Christian values and world-view. We’ve already talked about setting an example by protecting our home from evil forms of media. We’ve also hit on the practice of limiting screen-time. Today I want to talk about what kind of media your kids should be ingesting.

Most of us don’t have a problem saying that kid-friendly movies, tv shows and music aren’t that great. Either they are totally annoying or totally ungodly. Every tv show seems to tout rude kids as heroes, parents as idiots and mischief as normal and fun. There is hardly such a thing as kids’ music anymore and our preschoolers are inhaling too-old-for-them songs about teen relationships, partying and more.

My approach is not to restrict the bad things and make kids feel they are missing out, but provide them with quality entertainment they will enjoy.

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