Memorization Tips from the AWANA website

Make Scripture Memory Simple, Easy and Fun!

TIP: Make flash cards.

Have your child make flash cards, with verses on one side and Scripture references on the other. Lots of colorful markers and paper can make the task a breeze. Ask your child to draw a picture of what the verse means alongside the verse.

TIP: Review at night and in the morning.

Spend 5 or 10 minutes at bedtime helping your child remember his verses. Then repeat them at breakfast the next morning.

Do you have a memorizing tip you use with your child?

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Tips From Parents of Awana Kids:

Tape verses in a conspicuous area.

“My 8-year old daughter sleeps in the top bunk. She tapes her verse to the ceiling. Every night before she falls asleep, she reads them through a couple of times.”

—Dad, from Elgin, IL

Use only the first letter of each word.

“Print the first letter of each word in a verse on a chalkboard or index card. As your child uses the first letters as clues to the next word, he is actually memorizing the verse.”

—Cindi W., Milwaukee, WI

Reverse roles.

“When your child is having difficulty learning a section, reverse the roles. Ask your child to ‘teach’ the section to you. This helps both you and your child learn the verse.”

—William B. Tucker, Bonita Springs, FL

Make it part of bedtime.

“My Cubbie daughter loves bedtime. I make her Jumper book part of the nighttime routine. We spend a few minutes going over the verses. At the next morning’s breakfast table, we see how much she remembers!”

—Kim K., Port Orchard, WA

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