Operation Christmas Child

Shoe Box Decoration Opportunity – October 23rd during 9:00am Sunday School

Grades 1 through 6 – Bring a plain old shoe box (or two) to room 207 at 9:00am and we will show you how to transform it into a great container for your Operation Christmas Child gift!  We’ll hear all about OCC and the kinds of kids that will receive our boxes, and then have a great time decorating our boxes so that they are part of our gifts of love.

Parents:  Please take the completed decorated boxes and fill them with wonderful things for your Operation Christmas Child!  Make sure you include your children in the purchasing and packing of the gift, and you could even have them write a note to the child who will get your box!

Deadline to turn in filled boxes: Sunday, November 13

It’s time again this year for us to start get our boxes together for Operation Christmas child. For children all over the world, a day will come very soon when their smiles are a little wider. On the walk home from receiving their gifts, the children cradle Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes underneath their elbows. With new school supplies, the children will have more opportunities in class. But the shoe boxes don’t just offer physical items to make life better for children. The gifts also present an opportunity to learn about the Gospel. With their shoe boxes these children will also receive a special gospel booklet in their own language so they can begin learning about the love of God and the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

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